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The butterfly is a beautiful symbol of powerful transformation. A caterpillar goes into its chrysalis for about eleven days and sets everything once known aside in order to emerge into a new way of being. We have to let go of our old caterpillar stories that no longer serve us so that we can become the butterflies that the world is waiting for. When we play small and ignore our passions, we do ourselves and the world a huge disservice. I get excited when my clients are willing to do the deep inner work to see what is trying to emerge out of them. Do you have the feeling that there is a powerful, purpose-driven, self-assured person deep inside of you just screaming to get out? This feeling is exactly why I was willing to have challenging, profound, and powerful conversations with my personal coach. My life is forever changed because of the life coaching process and because I’ve experienced transformation for myself, it is my intention to serve, co-create, inspire and release the butterflies into a huge ripple effect of purpose-driven human beings, who have fearlessly stepped into their greatness and are ready to bring their gift to the world.

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Willing to Take Action

My passion and purpose in life is to collect and share wisdom so that I can be an empowering co-creator in your life. I never ask my clients to do anything that I have not been willing to do myself. I made a conscious decision to pursue my dream of living an expansive and extraordinary life, to surround myself with remarkable people, to be a part of something bigger than myself, and to make a positive impact along the way. I have done and do all of this with my fears and self-doubts, not in spite of them. When you work with me, I help you to understand that fear, self-doubt, and low self-esteem do not go away without being willing to take action. This is the confidence gap. So many people think that they have to raise their level of self confidence in order to pursue their passion and purpose. This is so backwards. Confidence comes from being scared to death and doing it anyway. Embrace the thought of grabbing your fear by the hand and saying “Come on dammit, let’s do this!” You just have to be willing. Willing is one of my favorite words and one that I use often in my practice. My goal is for you to embrace uncertainty and to see life as an adventure.

"I help my clients to focus on what they want to experience and to design their lives around how they want to feel, through intentional action and higher self-awareness."

— Holly R. Couch

Creating New Stories

As a child, I had undiagnosed learning disabilities on top of growing up with an alcoholic father and enduring my parent’s divorce… all very damaging to your psyche! I spent most of my life feeling ugly, stupid and inadequate. Thankfully in my adult life, I was smart enough to surround myself with an enlightened, remarkable and supportive inner-circle who guided me towards and through the very transformational and deep inner work that you are considering. I have found not only for myself, but for many successful and empowered women, fear and self-doubt, at least in the beginning of our journey, are a common theme. The difference is whether you listen to those old stories, or make the decision to create a new one. If we are in alignment, and we choose to work together, we co-create your new story eleven days at a time. I help my clients to focus on what they want to experience and to design their lives around how they want to feel, through intentional action and higher self-awareness.

Working Together

When you work with me, you will learn to live more from your heart than your head. Our hearts hold the highest form of intelligence. When you live from your heart, you shift from fear to faith, from self-doubt to self-love, from surviving to thriving, from playing small to playing BIG. You will become more aware of what feels heavy and what feels light in your life, and in turn you become more intentional about doing more of what feels light. Together we will blow your soul wide open so that you can move forward in a very powerful way by living your truth! This is a process and does not happen over-night. It is like building a muscle and I would be honored to support you every step of the way! Email me, tell me about yourself and let’s schedule a powerful conversation to see if we are in alignment for a life-changing and transformational coaching relationship.

  • A.R.

    "Holly is the first life coach I've ever had and I'm so, so happy I decided to jump and move forward with the process. Holly gave me different perspectives, ones I'd never thought about before. In literally 12 days I was seeing significant changes in myself which affected the world around me. Holly listened to me, understood me, explained things I wouldn't have thought about without her, and most importantly, she helped me get my life back!!!"

    Personal Trainer and Interior Decorator, Atlanta, GA
  • M.L.

    "After just one session with Holly, I discovered some real truths about myself and was able to see into my full potential. The amount of power, clarity, and confidence I feel now is beyond measure. Holly has a true gift to allow people to pour from their higher selves and see their true potential. I cannot imagine my life going forward had Holly and I not been connected through some very inspiring and amazing people."

    Applied Kinesiology, Minneapolis MN
  • C.T.

    "Holly is like a breathe of fresh air, her energy and openness was just what I needed at a cross roads in my life. It's as if I have just found who I really am, and I thank Holly for that. The investment in Holly's programme was worth it ten fold. Such a beautiful person with such a big heart."

    Life Coach and Entrepreneur, New Zealand

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